Volunteer Opportunities

House of Hope is tremendously thankful for the support of community members who donate their time and talents to serve the women and children in our treatment programs. Without you, our mission of reunifying families and healing substance use disorders would not be possible!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and recent advisories, House of Hope is temporarily suspending all on-site volunteer opportunities. Please continue checking back for the latest updates. With that in mind, House of Hope does have a dire need for the following:

  • Desserts prepared for 50 for staff to distribute at each of our residential facilities
  • Letters of encouragement (nondenominational and signed “Your Friend”) to help our clients navigate this tumultuous period
  • Care packages for single mothers and their children to offer support while they self-quarantine and practice social distancing
  • Baby kits/layettes for new mothers
  • Activity kits for children
  • Self care kits for adult women

Ongoing Off-Site Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Adopt-a-Dessert: Arrange a group of volunteers to cook desserts for women and children in-treatment! (Enough servings to feed ~50 people) Click here for more information about our Adopt-a-Dessert program!
  • Assemble Welcome Bags: Gather a team to purchase supplies for Welcome Bags and assemble them together, or do them yourself! (adjust # of Welcome Bags assembled to fit your budget. Supplies range from $25-$40 per bag. For info on Children’s Welcome Bags click here! For more information on Women’s Welcome Bags click here!
  • Write Letters of Encouragement: Write and decorate a letter of support to a woman entering treatment! Please keep letters non-denominational, and use the salutation “Love, Your Friend.”

For more information please email or call Josie White, Development Specialist, at jwhite@houseofhopeut.org or at 801-487-3276 ext. 1217.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with House of Hope!