Helping Families Fight Substance Abuse

One child, one parent, one family at a time...

"I had been using meth several times a day for three years and it was destroying my life and my family. After losing my son and self-worth, I realized I needed serious help, and entered the House of Hope's women and children's program. Although terrified, I was ready to change. As I began learning new coping and parenting skills, I was reunited with my three-year old son. While I was in treatment, my son attended the Hope Center for Children, where he learned to behave appropriately and how to express his feelings. Since we were getting help together, he was able to learn to trust me and feel safe. I attended parenting classes and worked at the Hope Center to practice positive guidance techniques. After I completed residential treatment, I set up a healthy home for us and continued in day treatment. My motivation increased as I saw the positive effects that the Hope Center was having on my son. I now have 2 sons and a new life. I am grateful for the opportunity that my family had to grow and change together at the Hope Center for Children."

-Jill, mother of sons ages 7 & 3

A Letter from Grateful Parents

To Everyone at House of Hope:

On September 15th, you are sending our precious daughter home. However, you are sending home a very different young woman. You are sending us a daughter we are so very proud of. One we can feel the respect, appreciation, caring and hopefulness from. You have given her help, love, hope and a new direction in life. If she continues on the same path, we see a very new and rewarding beginning for her.

We believe in our daughter, and we know you do, too! She has shown in the past she can be a good person and a loving parent to her son. All your guidance has only increased the hope we have for her to strive for achievement and reach her goals.

We would like to personally thank Brock, Lori, Rourk, Julie and the entire staff of House of Hope. Without all of you, she would not be where she is today, and reaching for a better life tomorrow.

With all our hearts we thank you!

Cheryl and Ashton Mitchell


"I feel like the House of Hope gave me my daughter back. It was like meth and cocaine made her into a different person for over ten years. I feel like I've been grieving my own daughter as if she died and now we have a new start..." Mother of House of Hope graduate, clean 289 days.

"All my hopes and prayers for so long were focused on my daughter staying clean. Her addiction has robbed us physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually. I am glad she is in treatment, but I'm scared to get my hopes up again. I am still trying to help the rest of my family heal from the trauma of what she has done to us. Now I pray that my other children will not follow the same path."  Father of House of Hope client with 45 days clean.

"I don't really get everything they do with treatment, but I know that this is a good opportunity for my wife. I worry that she will come out a different person and won't want to be together, but I know for sure that we weren't making it before. I am trying to stay clean myself, and I worried every day that she was going to overdose and die.  My main goal is to be a clean and sober family someday, but if not, I need to be here for my kids, at least."  Husband of House of Hope client, father of two.